Uncertain to ACC: Jaleel Berry works his way to D-I football at Boston College

Nottingham's Jaleel Berry is going to play football at Boston College

National Signing Day is a celebration of top-notch athletes cementing their future in athletics.

For Jaleel Berry it was bittersweet.

He was happy for two of his Nottingham Football teammates that signed the dotted line for Division-I teams.

But, he wondered if he'd get his chance.

At 6'3" 320 lbs, Berry has the size and when you watch his film you know he has the skill set.

There was literally just one problem.

He didn't have the qualifying SAT score.

Berry says this caused the top-notch football teams to back off, uncertain if he'd qualify for NCAA Football.

Jaleel though, followed his mother's long-told advice to "keep your head in the books" and on his third try he achieved the qualifying SAT score.

That led to a GOOD call to the principal's office.

At first, Berry wasn't sure what to think, but he saw tears on his father's face and knew "something was going on".

That something was Boston College Defensive Line Coach and former Syracuse Head Coach Paul Pasqualoni.

He had something for Jaleel.

"After shaking my hand for a good couple minutes he just told me up front "I want to give you a Division-I offer, I want you to play for my team" and once he said that, I kind of just bawled in tears and just dropped to my knees thanking everybody that helped me to get to the position I'm in" Berry recalls.

How do you now love that story?

Berry easily could've given in, thinking that SAT score was unattainable.

Instead, he's going to be an ACC lineman.

Perseverance personified.

Berry reports to Boston on Sunday, right after Nottingham graduation where he joins CBA standout Noah Jordan-Williams as freshmen for the Eagles.

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