Vote for the High School Play of the Week

Which high school play was the best in week 2?

We'll let you decide that, as we give you five nominees of the best plays that our cameras captured on the high school playing field in the last week.

To vote, it's easy, click the video player to watch the nominees. The plays are listed in order below:

1.) John Vincentini from Central Square hauls in the screen pass and takes it the distance for a 56 yard touchdown with less than one minute left in the first half of the Redhawks' game with Auburn

2.) Cazenovia's Kevin Hopsicker launches a pass for Alex Devine, who hauls it in for a touchdown

3.) Central Valley Academy's Tyler Brown breaks free for an 80 yard touchdown run.

4.) Ricky Sparks takes the screen and goes the distance with a 75 touchdown, good for B'ville's only touchdown in its 10-7 win over Henninger

5.) Connor Ross with the header for Baldwinsville soccer, it nails the crossbar and goes in as the Bees beat C-NS

Pick which play you thought was the best, and vote in the poll below!