Vote for the Week 7 High School Play of the Week

Will this save by Nottingham's Bhuwan Basnet win this week?

As we head in towards the high school playoffs in all sports the action is heating up all over Central New York.

That's absolutely evident in our nominees this week.

To vote for this week's High School Play of the Week it's simple; watch the nominees in the video player and vote in the poll below.

We'll reveal the winner during the Toyota High School Game of the Week preview at 5 and 6pm on Friday on NBC-3 and at 5:30 on CBS-5.

Here's the order in which the plays appear in the video player:

. Jake Pulver runs through the entire Auburn defense for a 37-yard touchdown run

2. Jadakis Scott stops on a dime and cuts back against the RFA defense for a touchdown

3. C-NS' Bryan Bausinger scores with one second remaining in the first half against Nottingham (the only goal of the game)

4, Nottingham goalkeeper Bhuwan Basnet makes a fantastic save against C-NS

5. F-M Quarterback Jake Wittig throws a 70 yard bomb to Luke Krizman for a touchdown, breaking a 14-14 tie.

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