America's Best Backcourt: SU's Alexis Peterson, Brittney Sykes dominate in senior seasons

Alexis Peterson and Brittney Sykes -- otherwise known as America's Best Backcourt.

"We laugh, we joke, we hangout," Peterson, a senior point guard for the Orange, said. "We do all the things that good teammates do and we have a good relationship. We consider each other as family."

"Coach Q [Quentin Hillsman] told us before the season started that we can be America's Best Backcourt, and we just took that title and ran with it.," Sykes a senior guard for Syracuse, replied. "Who else can really do the things that we do, and that proves that we are the best backcourt. We have a scoring point guard who can dish the ball at any point. You have me who can score the ball at any point and do other things that can affect the game and it's probably not on the stat sheet."

But what is on the stat sheet is a combined 42 points per game, which is good enough for spots on the the Wade and Staley award watch lists, respectively.

In other words, Peterson and Sykes are rewriting the program's history books, one bucket at a time.

"We wanted to create a culture where Syracuse was talked about in the NCAA run and we're going to keep doing that," Sykes added. "Coach Q does a great job bringing us players to bringing us to that level of success that we need."

"When you come in with a free mind and you come in and play basketball because you love the game, then it's easy," Peterson stated.

Peterson and Sykes forged a relationship well before their time on the SU Hill. How about all the way back in high school. The two played against one another in an AAU basketball game all the way out in Las Vegas. It was at that point in time when Sykes knew Peterson would be a good one. And, well, as they say, the rest is history.

"She played for the Philly Bells and I played for SportsCity U. We played each other a couple times," Peterson said.

"Our point guard at the time was sitting out. I think she was in foul trouble and I had to run the one. It was a complete nightmare," Sykes said.

"We always knew each other and played against each other. We played on the same team in camps," Peterson added.

"I did back her down most of the time. I didn't want her to steal the ball from me. But, I mean, she's on my team now, so it's okay," Sykes continued.

"We've been very familiar with each other and just coming here increased that relationship," Peterson concluded.

A relationship that was forged on a basketball court, and one that will last well beyond it.

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