Macky, Cam MacPherson share memories of their beloved Grandfather, 'Coach Mac'

Macky (left) and Cam (right) MacPherson meet with the media Wednesday afternoon from the Ensley Athletic Center.

College Football Hall of Fame inductee and former Syracuse University head football head coach, Richard "Dick" MacPherson, passed away at the age of 86 on Tuesday.

He was known as "Coach Mac" to most and led Syracuse to the top of the ranks in 1984, as well as leading it to an undefeated 1987 season.

He was more than just a coach, though. His grandson, Cameron MacPherson, who was a former football player at Syracuse in his own right, said that he, "really helped shaped [his] view on the world.

"Now I was a little kid and I didn't know who Coach Mac was. I just knew him as 'Poppa,'" Cam explained. "You go everywhere and you go to Varsity [Pizza] win, lose, or draw and people would yell out, 'Watch your back, coach!' And all this stuff. I just really thought my grandpa had a lot of friends, you know?"

His grandsons also saw how big of an impact he had on the community.

His other grandson, Richard "Macky" MacPherson, said, "One of the great things about Syracuse Football in the 1980's was that everybody was on board, you know?

"Everyone was here," Macky continued. "They had rallies. There was an energy in the town and excitement and a sense of community that was forged at that time and he was a big part of that and he embodied that for a lot of people. He helped raise me."

Coach MacPherson's legacy spread much further than Syracuse, though. His assistants would soon become national champions, such as former Ohio State head coach, Jim Tressel, as well as Super Bowl winners like Bill Belichick, who coached under MacPherson from 1988-1999. Coach MacPherson's wake will be held Thursday, with the funeral held Friday from Hendricks Chapel on the campus of Syracuse University.

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