WATCH: Bracketologist Patrick Stevens comments on SU's NCAA Tournament chances

The Syracuse men's basketball team did not do itself any favors by falling to Miami in the second round of the ACC Tournament on Wednesday afternoon.

Patrick Stevens, a well-known Bracketologist whose work can be viewed most prominently by the Washington Post, commented on the Orange's chances of an at-large bid into the NCAA Tournament.

"It certainly was the last opportunity that Syracuse had to distinguish itself in any way, and certainly it was its last chance to distinguish itself away from home," Stevens explained. "Yeah, it was a close loss and they played okay, but they didn't get a win and now they're 2-11 away from home."

Stevens went into further detail on how he views this year's Orange, in regards to whether it deserves a bid.

"Personally, I don't see them being selected for the field of 68 come Sunday night. I wouldn't say it's impossible. We'll see if the committee has some different ideas. But for me, when I size up their profile, it's a distinguishing factor -- and not in a good way. They just simply did not beat anybody particularly good away from home. That's something that's just not going to be rewarded most years."

On the flip side, Stevens gave his thoughts on why the Orange may end up finding its way into the NCAA Tournament after all.

"The case for Syracuse is that they've beaten a bunch of good teams," he continued. "They've beaten Duke. They've beaten Virginia. They've beaten Florida State. They've beaten Miami. They've beaten Wake Forest. Those are all very solid wins and you can compare them to a Kansas State or somebody like that. It's a better top of the profile, there's no doubt about that. It's a better top of the profile -- there's no doubt about that. But, again, performance away from home is a very distinguishing factor."

In comparing last year's surprising tournament bid to this year, Stevens added his two cents on the difference between last year's resume, as opposed to this season's.

"If you looked at it last year, that's what got Syracuse in," he added. "It was because they won at Duke; it's because they won against Texas A&M and Connecticut in the Bahamas. They don't have that this year."

The Orange will find out its fate on Sunday during CBS's annual 'Selection Sunday' special.

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