Where does all the butter go from the Butter Sculpture at the NYS Fair?

Butter Sculpture Removal

SYRACUSE, NY. -- Hundreds pounds of butter become a piece of artwork each year at the NYS Fair, but at the end of the 12 day event where does all that butter go?

There is no sense in wasting it so the American Dairy Association North East is partnering up with Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners and Noblehurst Farms to take down the sculpture and recycle the 800 pounds of non-edible butter. The butter will be transported and converted by Noblehurst Farms into renewable energy that will be used to power the dairy farm and the liquid will be used as fertilizer for crops.

The 2016 butter sculpture pays tribute to the United States Olympic athletes who competed in Rio earlier this month; in particular, it honors the athletes who call New York State home.

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