Alex DunbarMultimedia journalist

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School: Syracuse University

Hometown: Norwell, Mass.

Alex Dunbar is a news and sports reporter and multimedia journalist at CNY Central. Since joining the team in 1997, he has covered the NFL, NBA, and AHL, as well as NCAA football, basketball and lacrosse. Alex was part of the team that covered Syracuse University's national championship at the 2003 Final Four in New Orleans.

Alex grew up in Norwell, Mass. and graduated from Syracuse University. He jokes that he chose a career in journalism due to his lack of success as a professional water polo player, astronaut and archeologist. Alex enjoys listening to U2, watching bad movies and playing basketball.

When he isn't covering the news around Central and Northern New York, Alex also works on documentary films with his talented co-workers from CNYCentral. Their first documentary, "The Old Quarry and Other Haunted Places of Central New York" covers some of the most famous ghost stories of Upstate New York. Their second film, "Blanchard Road: A Murder in the Finger Lakes" tells the story of Roy Brown's appeal of his murder conviction with the assistance of the Innocence Project. Both films are available at

You can also hear Alex and several of his friends on the "Stop the Movie! I Want to Get Out!" podcast on iTunes. Each week they watch a notoriously bad Hollywood film and try to understand where things went so hilariously wrong.

Memorable story you have reported on: Ithaca elementary school students receiving a Grammy nomination for their song "We Love Veggies and Greens."

Memorable Interview: Noted B-movie actor Bruce Campbell

Dream Interview: Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke or late night talk show host Conan O'Brien

Dream Job: Lacrosse attackman

Role Model: Larry Bird

Why I'm a Journalist: I love putting visual stories together and talking to people about important issues.

Favorite Sports Team: Syracuse University

Favorite Book: "Into Thin Air" by Jon Krakauer

Favorite Movies: "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and "Miller's Crossing"

Favorite TV Shows: "Parks and Recreation" and "Psych"