Alex Resila Multimedia Journalist

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Alex joined the CNYCentral team as a multimedia journalist in December of 2012. After graduating from SUNY Oswego in May 2012 with a BA in Broadcasting, he worked as a teller for a few months. So if anyone really needs a money order, send them his way!

During college, he worked all 4 years as an anchor with WTOP-10. This 100% student run station was a main catalyst to getting him to where he is right now. Even though he is in the news industry dealing with reality, Alex has always been an actor at heart. One of his goals would have to be anchoring Weekend Update on SNL.

Between his junior and senior year Alex interned with the ABC station in Albany, NY WTEN-10. Some big stories he was a part of that summer was the gay rights bill passing, the tornados in Springfield, MA, and last but certainly not least, local reaction to the Casey Anthony verdict and sentencing.

He's proud of his old school district Mohonasen for starting their own journalism program after he graduated. Growing up in Rotterdam, NY and going to Mohonasen was a little more relaxed than Syracuse can be, but the tempo of a city can sometimes bring the best out of you.

He'd like to thank his parents for providing him with any and every opportunity he wanted growing up. His brother is his hero after recovering from spinal fusion surgery at 14 and going on to swim Division 1 and earn the rank of Eagle Scout.

Don't forget to friend Alex on Facebook and follow him on Twitter, any and all story ideas would are welcome!

Memorable story: 10th anniversary of 9/11

Dream interview: Oliver North

Dream job: As long as I love it and can support myself and a future family, that'd be ok. (But honestly SNL)

Current residence: Liverpool

Astrological sign: Cancer

Favorite food: Fried calamari

Favorite TV show: "The Honeymooners" (yes that's my real answer, Jackie Gleason is an icon)

Favorite book: Angels and Demons

Favorites sports teams: Not the Red Sox, New York Football Giants, the Orange and most importantly, Oswego State Lakers Hockey!