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      TONIGHT: There will be some localized leftover light lake effect snow east of Lake Ontario that could cause some localized additional accumulation of 1-2". The band will start the night near Syracuse and by morning should have moved north to near Canada. Across the rest of central New York, expect variably to mostly cloudy skies. In areas that clear, some isolated freezing fog may form towards morning and cause some slick spots around or before sunrise. Lows are near 27. Wind: W to SW 3-9 then Variable 0-5 MPH .

      WEDNESDAY: Risk for some very isolated freezing fog early in the morning. If your area has freezing fog, it would cause slick spots on roads that are left untreated early in the morning. We will monitor to see how widespread, if any, freezing fog occurs around sunrise. Otherwise, if it does occur, it will burn off and give way to a partly to mostly sunny day. High near 47. Wind: Calm then SSE 5-15 MPH.

      THURSDAY (THANKSGIVING): There will be some extra cloudiness for eastern and southeastern sections of CNY. Elsewhere, expect sunshine blending with clouds. Above average afternoon temperatures are likely. High near 54 and a bit breezy.

      FRIDAY: A new storm system arrives for the PM. Becoming overcast with rain or rain showers developing. Rather mild but breezy. High near 58 then falling late.

      Watch NBC 3/CW 6/CBS 5 News for further details.

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