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      Changeable skies and weather today is the beginning of cooler weather moving across CNY.

      TODAY: Expect a gusty wind with thickening cloud coverage this morning. The highest risk for showers before 7am will be over western areas (especially the central and western Finger Lakes) and near the Lake Ontario shoreline areas. Eventually these rain showers will press through all of CNY later this morning. To see any precipitation, click on Interactive Doppler Radar to zoom in anywhere and on Live Triple Doppler Radar to see where it is raining right now. Morning winds shifting from E to S to eventually SW at 10-20 MPH with higher gusts. During the afternoon, it remains breezy with variable skies with clouds, some sunshine and a slight chance for an isolated shower. After reaching the upper 60s midday, temperatures will be between 58 and 63 late in the day. Afternoon wind: WSW 15-22 MPH with higher gusts past 30-35 MPH.

      TONIGHT: Variably cloudy and breezy. The best chance for noticeable lake effect rain showers will be east of Lake Ontario. However, towards Wednesday morning these lake effect rain showers will move southwards into the immediate CNY towards sunrise. Low: near 50. Wind: WSW 10-20 MPH and gusty.

      WEDNESDAY: Mostly cloudy with occasional scattered lake effect scattered rain showers and sprinkles. Chilly and breezy. A few peeks of sunshine are possible. High near 56. Wind: W to NW 10-20 with higher gusts.

      THURSDAY: Expect a mixture of clouds and partial sunshine with a chance for a shower. The highest risk for extra cloud coverage and lake effect rain showers will be east of Lake Ontario. Breezy. Seasonable high near 60.

      Watch NBC-3 and CBS-5 for more details!

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