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      TODAY: Temperatures in the 60s will slowly rise through the 70s this morning. Watch for some areas of low clouds and patchy fog early to mid-morning. Otherwise, most of our area should remain dry through the morning with a mixture of sunshine and clouds. During the midday and afternoon. expect a mixture of sunshine and clouds with very warm temperatures and moderate humidity. There is a tiny 20% risk for a widely isolated mainly miss versus hit shower or thunderstorm. High: 82 to 86. Wind: NNW 10-15 MPH with a few higher gusts.

      TONIGHT: Partly to variably cloudy. Low: 60 to 65. Wind: N to NE 0-9 MPH.

      SATURDAY: New computer model information data is showing a higher risk for some rain or showers over at least parts of upstate New York during the day Saturday. However, they still continue to disagree on exact specifics, timing and placement of exact amount of rain showers and thunderstorms this weekend. Here is my forecast: For Syracuse, the Thruway corridor and areas of northern and north-central New York, expect filtered or dim sunshine with clouds to give way to increasing and thickening clouds. Further south, skies may be rather cloudy. The highest risk for rain showers and thunderstorms will be near or south of the Route 20 corridor and points south. Areas that receive thick cloud coverage and rain will not get out of the 70s. If Syracuse sees enough sun, the high will be near or under 80. Wind: NE to N 3-9 MPH.

      SATURDAY NIGHT: Look for additional areas of showers and thunderstorms over southern and central New York. Areas of fog. Low near 65.

      SUNDAY: there is a threat for some lingering showers and thunderstorms. High near 75.

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