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      Alpacas practice for the big time

      Sunday morning, we were visited by two baby alpacas, and their owner. Polly Michaels, from Finger Lakes Alpacas, brought two of her animals, a one year old and an eight month old--neither boy fully grown--to preview next weekend's big State Fairgrounds alpaca show.

      She said it was a 'dress rehearsal' for the two, being off their farm, and it had a couple bumps, including one of the boys taking a bite out of our pansies! But for the most part, they were well-behaved, ogling for the camera and humming (as Polly told me, because they don't know the words--yes, we groaned)

      Alpacas are a growing farm business in New York, raised for their fleece, which is woven or spun, much like cashmere. The animals are sheared once a year, in the spring, right after their spring show.

      TheNortheast Alpaca Expo is Saturday and Sunday, May 5 & 6, at the State Fairgrounds Admission is free, with both alpacas and products from their fleece on display.