Century-old dairy farm begins anew

Almost a year ago at this time, the Rohe family was going through a difficult time. After operating as a dairy farm for nearly 100 years, the Onondaga Hill farm auctioned off their 120 cows and got out of the dairy business.

But what was an ending last year for Rohe Farms, is a new beginning this year.

The family has changed the farm into a pumpkin and animal farm, complete with fall activities like a corn maze and pumpkin carving.

Instead of cows, horses and chickens now occupy the farm. Barns have been turned into activity centers that teach kids about animals and farming.

Caitlin Rohe says the transition hasn't been easy, but they're enjoying their new business and being able to work together again.

"I think it's nice to have the family working together again on something," Caitlin says. "Now we're not milking cows together, but we all put our ideas together and are working here to open up the farm to the public."

Owner Steve Rohe says he doesn't anticipate getting back into the dairy business again. The family says they would rather grow the business they have now, possibly even running a camp next summer that teaches kids about farming.