Pumpkin farmers face challenges this year. Have you picked your pumpkins yet?

Central New York pumpkin farmers say the weather this year has presented some challenges for their crop.

At Plumpton Farms in Jamesville, owner Ingie Plumpton says he's just starting to pick pumpkins. He says, this year, the harvest is slightly behind schedule because of the weather.

Plumpton says first, farmers had to deal with a dry spell. Then, they had to deal with enormous amounts of rain. In the eastern part of the state, Plumpton says, he's heard some farmers have had their pumpkins float away.

Still, he says he has been able to protect his crop, and pumpkin shoppers will see a good selection when the pumpkin patch is officially open on October 1st.

"They'll see some not extremely large fruit," says Plumpton. "They'll see some medium sized ones that have developed really well because we had that period of really good weather with the rain and sunshine. That helped bring on the late set of fruit."

Plumpton says when people are picking out their pumpkins, they should look for pumpkins that are firm and have stems that are firmly attached to the pumpkins.

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