Coach Shafer takes tweet too far :Matt's Memo

Coach Scott Shafer took some heat today for his #softnosed tweet directed at the weather bound folks in Atlanta. The Orange football head coach posted what many Central New Yorkers have been saying over the last few days as we watch people in the south struggle to get around in the snow and ice. The problem for Coach Shafer is the fact that he represents Syracuse University.

Sportswriters and fans are among the 4,925 followers of the second year head coach. That is not an extraordinary number of followers for a celebrity figure, but once a Sports Illustrated reporter saw the tweet the coach started taking on water.

The coach's twitter page shows he and one of his assistant coaches were in Atlanta yesterday when the weather hit. Once he posted the #softnosed comment Andy Staples of tweeted back lett the coach know his football team lost by a combined scored of 108-17 to two of those #softnosed teams. He was referring to losses to Florida State and Clemson.

Staples later got into some Twitter debates with Syracuse fans who were angered that he took the coach to task. Staples suggests the coach made a mistake commenting negatively about a region in distress. Shafer was visiting Atlanta this week to recruit players who live there. That could make for a tougher sell now.

Not so easy be a head coach who is new at social media. Syracuse fans know Coach Shafer intended no ill will. If not for the serious public safety issues in Atlanta he would have simply been saying what so many other Syracuse faithful were thinking.


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