Farmers' Almanac and Groundhog Day: Matt's Memo

If you're looking for a nice gift to give to Chief Meteorologist Wayne Mahar on this Groundhog Day weekend I have the perfect answer. Wayne would really appreciate a lifetime subscription to the "Farmers' Almanac". It is filled with weather facts and unbiased weather predictions.

Tomorrow is a good example. The Almanac calls for Fair weather. Wayne's CNYCentral forecast calls for light snow and gusting winds. Ok so maybe the Farmers' Almanac doesn't have the most accurate 5-day forecast, but it does do a pretty nice job with more predictable items like phases of the moon and tidal charts.

Wayne and I have been laughing about the Farmers' Almanac for more than twenty years now. I thoroughly enjoy given the old gold standard a little faux credibility on the air because I know it bothers Wayne that anyone would think a forecast published a year in advance could possibly be accurate.

It is also amusing that we put meteorological credibility into the shadow of the Groundhog. After all the Groundhog is typically hibernating this time of year. Groundhogs are also known as woodchucks. They are known to move 710 pounds of dirt when they burrow. Do you know how I know that? The Farmers' Alamanac says so.

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