Long grass lawn mowing strategy: Matt's Memo

The dew of the rich green grass lapped at my legs above the ankle. A combination of heavy rains, powerful fertilizer and a busy schedule that stretched the time between mowings the lawn had grown far taller than I should allow. There I was faced with pulling out the mower and creating a strategy to bring the height back down to earth, literally.

The whole area measures out at about a half acre. The front yard is flat. The back yard is not. And that's the bigger space. The different size and terrain between front and back two separate strategies developed.

The front yard got the double cross mow. I raised the wheels high enough to clip down the lawn without stalling out. I walked a diagonal line. Then I lowered the wheels one notch and walked the other diagonal.

The backyard called for different action. I left the mower on the lower setting, but added the plastic piece that allows the newly cut grass to blow out the side. That allowed me to keep up the speed. The mulch setting would have bogged down the whole process.

Two hours of walking the yard front and back and suddenly that over grown grass had taken on the shimmering look for a freshly mowed lawn. Now I'm just hoping the rainy weather abates and the pace of growth slows. Otherwise the next strategy session is just around the corner.

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