October Sun

October in CNY.

Green Lakes. Golden Leaves. Blue skies. That was the setting for an autumn round of golf on the kind of day we wish could stretch into a week this time of year. Sports guy Niko Tamurian and I were the first to tee off into the soft, green, lush fairways. This is not the season for rounds at dawn, but rather 18 holes at 9:00 a.m. or so.

The season long pressure to improve my game was off. The conditions were too optimal to worry about score. Of course, that led to some of the best strikes of the ball I have had all year.

As we walked up the Par 5 seventh fairway a sturdy two point buck powered across the third, eighth, seventh and fifth fairways. His powerful stride made the open ground of the course look like a race track. His hind quarter bumped a tree trunk as he reached the woods, but that didn TMt seem to slow his disappearance into cover. Perhaps he knows the season for hunting is on the way.

This was my day after my birthday round of golf. Many of my friends on Facebook had encouraged me to play on the day, but that wasn TMt in the cards. One friend of Scottish descent suggested I was not staying true to the origins of a round of a birthday round of golf. He told me in golf TMs native land on the player TMs birthday he must drink a shot at every hole. Many do not, cannot finish the round.

On this day a shot of sunshine and warm air was refreshing enough.

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