Opening Day at the ballpark: Matt's Memo

Stephen Strasburg in Syracuse.

One of the best afternoon's of a Syracuse spring can be Opening Day at the ballpark for the Syracuse Chiefs. When the weather pops with a little sunshine and mild temperatures the place fills up, kids sneak out of school, professionals sneak out of work. When it hits on a Friday afternoon the day can get even better.

The days of Syracuse being the farm club for the down trodden Toronto Blue Jays are a fairly distant past. The parent team, the Washington Nationals, is now one of the elite in the majors. They are favored by many to win the World Series come fall. They nearly made it last season without the benefit of a fall campaign for former Syracuse player Stephen Strasburg.

For a brief stretch last year Bryce Harper resided in a residence inn of some sort here in Syracuse. He's now batting over .400 for the Nationals as they are off to a torrid start after two weeks of play for the majors. You never know which future star you're going to catch when you make turn out for a ballgame.

The stadium has a new name for NBT bank. It takes over for Alliance Bank which took over for P&C.

The only catch for Friday's opening day is that forecast. The weather team is optimistic about the game being played, but not so much about being a fan staying warm and dry there.

Here's a suggestion, if the scheduled Opening Day doesn't work foryou. Make your own Opening Day when the sun and the warmth decide to show up here in Central New York.


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