New York will cut state gas tax by 16 cents per gallon from June 1 until end of 2022
New York State will cut gas tax by 16 cents starting June 1 (Photo:CNYCentral){ }

After a March surge, prices at the gas station are slowly coming down. New York State plans to lower its gas prices by removing a share of its gas tax starting June 1. The plan was passed as part of the state's $220 million budget last week to help save New Yorkers a few cents and even dollars per pump.

The Governor's office expects the gas tax cut to cost the state $585 million in revenue between June and December. Governor Kathy Hochul says her office plans to use federal stimulus dollars to make up the difference in the money lost from implemented the gas tax cut.

Current unleaded gas prices in the Syracuse area

  • Current average: $4.24
  • Sunday: $4.25
  • Week ago: $4.28
  • Month ago: $4.43
  • Year ago: $2.85

According to AAA the 16-cent gas tax cut will average out to about $2 saved on a 12-gallon fill up. Many counties in Upstate New York are considering a gas tax cut of their own. Last month the Onondaga County Executive proposed capping local sales tax to 16-cents per gallon no matter the price at the pump.

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