The best story of the weekend isn't a win or loss, it's the return of Rex
Syracuse quarterback Rex Culpepper fires a touchdown roughly two years after beating cancer.{ }(PHOTO: SU Athletics)

Syracuse Football fans may understandably worry about the outcome of the Orange's game against Liberty on Saturday.

But here's a dose of real-life that puts it all in perspective.

It's the first game Rex Culpepper will start since beating cancer.

It was a long and difficult journey and Culpepper inspired so many along the way including cancer survivors here in Syracuse and across the country.

A win if there ever was one, and as important as any team values a win on the field--this was real life in perspective.

Rex Culpepper's first start since beating cancer

So while Rex Culpepper makes his first start since 2017 and will give it his all to win, let's remember something.

Just the fact that he's starting is a win.

And unsurprising to Dino Babers.

"Rex is one of the smartest people I know not only on the football field but also off the football field" said Babers.

Dino recalls a story on a recruiting trip. Culpepper initially committed to the previous staff and Babers went to Rex's home in Tampa, Florida to shore up that commitment and honor that scholarship offer.

The way Dino was introduced to Culpepper? Perfection.

"I remember when I first got the job I went to go visit him he was working on a dune buggy and his dad told me he built it from the ground up. Rex is not normal, Rex is not average. He is extremely, extremely intelligent."

So, Orange fans can root with fervor, hoping Syracuse avoids a loss to a non-power five team even if a mountain of injuries makes that a very difficult task.

The fact remains however-

The most difficult test was already passed by Rex.

And he won. Just call Saturday's start the icing on the cake.

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