After living in his van for 7 months, veteran Roy and his service dog Remi get a new home

Since last April, it's been just Roy and Remi trying to survive; living out of a van and little plastic shelter (WSET)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- A veteran who spent most of the past year living out of his van is now getting a fresh start thanks to a community working together.

Army veteran Bart Roy wasn't always homeless.

But, when his wife had a stroke and then was diagnosed with cancer, the bills started piling up and the next thing he knew he was without a home and out on his own.

"Living in my van and I built myself a little plastic shelter, which I cooked out of and stored most of my stuff where I could have more room inside of my van," Roy said. "It's me and my service dog living out of that thing for almost eight months now."

Since last April, it's been just Roy and Remi trying to survive.

"She has saved my life so many times," Roy said about Remi. "You don't realize the little things that you miss until you don't have them any more like hot water, electricity, a roof over your head."

It's those things he's going to appreciate the most in his new home, thanks to a number of generous community organizations.

"The VA contacted me and said we've got a vet moving from his van into his own place, can you supply the furniture and of course I said yes," said Rick Hughes, founder of Warm Streets.

With Warm Streets providing the furniture and the Lynchburg Area Veterans Council providing the manpower, Roy is on his way to a better life.

"I'm a little bit overwhelmed about all of it. Going from homeless to a home and then having all of this support," Roy said. "I really appreciate you guys. This has really been a godsend."

Roy's physical challenges make it difficult for him to work, leaving him with just a small source of income each month.

It's donations from the community, that help these organizations help men like Roy.

If you're interested in helping out with either Warmstreets or the Lynchburg Area Veterans Council, just click the link.

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