Good News: Corporate Bootcamp; St. Joe's awarded

Good News: Corporate Bootcamp Wellness Program

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Metro Fitness Health Club in Syracuse has started a new corporate team building activity called the Corporate Bootcamp Program.

Unlike most corporate wellness programs the six-week bootcamp is a weekly class filled with fun competition outside of the office.

CH insurance in Syracuse just wrapped up the program yesterday.

The company says not only did it bring energy and productivity into the workplace, it also it helped the employees with their nutrition and exercise habits.

A few other Syracuse businesses are following suit, and will start the bootcamp challenge this month.

Here's some more good news: St. Joseph's Hospital in Syracuse just received a big award.

The hospital won one of the 2016 Women's Choice awards, as one of the best hospitals in the country for heart care.

The award identifies the best health care institutions based on criteria that considers women patient satisfaction. There were 352 winners this year.

St. Joseph's not only performed well clinically, but also had a high recommendation rate.

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