11-Year-Old former patient raising money to buy Golisano Children's Hospital an air hockey table for Christmas

Kayleigh Przytula, 11, is raising money to buy Golisano Children's Hospital an air hockey table as a Christmas present.

It may only be for a moment, but when she plays cards with her family, Kayleigh Przytula, 11, is able to forget about her serious disease.

"It was just really hard. I was in a lot of pain everyday and I just really didn't like it that much," says Przytula.

Kayleigh is living with ulcerative colitis, a chronic inflammatory bowel disease. She's been hospitalized six times at Golisano Children's Hospital. Her longest stay so far has been 18 days.

"To me it felt like more than 18 days because each day went by really slow because I was in pain and I was tired and the first day there wasn't really much to do," says Przytula.

She's determined to give other patients like her more to do. With her family, Kayleigh is raising money to buy an air hockey table to give to the hospital for christmas.

"All of those children having to spend the holidays in the hospital. They wont be able to visit their families. I'm not sure if santa comes there or not but they would just feel miserable because christmas is the most wonderful time of the year," says Przytula.

The original goal was to raise $3,000 but they have already raised twice that amount. So far, they have raised $6,840. Kayleigh's mother, Kathy, is speaking with Golisano's library and outpatient clinic to see what else they can buy with the remainder of the money.

"It's just been wonderful. We've gone onto Amazon and have this whole wish list that we keep adding stuff to and I'm going to feel like santa when we show up at the hospital with all of this stuff," says Kathy Przytula.

When it comes to her health, Kayleigh is not out of the woods yet.

"She just loves the fact that she's going to help these kids because she knows. She was there. But she has said I hope I don't get to use that table anytime soon," says Kathy Przytula.

She's not sure when her illness will land her back in the hospital

but she is sure about one thing. Nothing feels better than giving back on Christmas.

To donate, visit the Przytula's donation website.

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