2 People, 4 cars & restaurant shot on North Salina St

Syracuse Police say 'a projectile' made this hole in the window at Bleu Chick Restaurant, on Syracuse's North Side. Two people and several vehicles were also hit in two spots on North Salina St early Sunday morning (photojournalist Joe Clavelli)

Syracuse Police are investigating an early morning incident on Syracuse's north side that's involved several shots fired, and taken investigators to at least two separate places on North Salina Street.

Investigators were called to 317 North Salina just after 3am, where two people reported getting shot in the street in front of the Bleu Chick restaurant. Investigators say a 22 year old man was shot in the foot, a second man has a gunshot would to the elbow. A window in the Bleu Chick appears to have a bullet hole in it, and police say three vehicles were also struck.

Witnesses describe the suspect as a 5'4" skinny, dark-skinned man wearing blue jeans and a black hooded sweatshirt with a gray hood.

Police say the suspect was seen shooting near a vehicle in the parking lot at 513 North Salina Street, where yet another vehicle was found, hit with a bullet. Several casings were also found in the parking lot there.

Injuries to the two people are not life-threatening. Anyone with information should get in touch with Syracuse Police.

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