25 Year-Old Billy Barlow sworn in as mayor of Oswego

25 year-old Billy Barlow is the youngest mayor in New York State

A standing room only crowd spilled into the corridors of Oswego City Hall to see 25 year-old Billy Barlow sworn in as the city's mayor on New Year's day. Barlow will be the youngest mayor of the port city of Oswego and the youngest mayor in New York State.

Barlow knows there will be some skeptics but says he doesn't want to be known as just a youthful mayor.

"The 25 year-old aspect of it will hopefully dwindle away as we get going," said Barlow in an interview Friday afternoon.

Barlow's name is already on his desk and he's ready to get started on issues facing Oswego. In the first 100 days, he wants to make improvements to the city's code enforcement office and help make the city more attractive to new businesses.

"There were certain promises made that I made that feel I have to deliver quickly so people know I meant what I said when I was campaigning," said Barlow.

The audience gave Barlow a standing ovation after he was sworn in as mayor. Edward Caraccioli was one of may in the crowd who hope Barlow can bring a new approach to many existing problems and build good working relationships with experienced city leaders.

"I think it is wonderful inspiration to have such a young mayor who is so successful," said Caraccioli.

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