3-year-old screams â??stop daddy stopâ?? as Utica man on Bath Salts storms door

Gino Placanica

A Utica man was arrested after trying to storm through a womanâ??s door while high on bath salts.

Police say 35-year-old Gino Placanica tried to force his way into the home of his 3-year-old sonâ??s mother by violently kicking at the door at 11 Parkside Court in Utica.

While Placanica was trying to break down the door, police say the 3-year-old was screaming, "Stop daddy stop."

Police say they found Plancanica hiding on the roof of the house and eventually took him into custody. Police say Plancanica complained that he could not breath. He had a white residue on the outside of his mouth and he was sweating profusely.

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According to police, Placanica was in possession of crack cocaine, a clear stained smoking glass pipe, and two orange packages of bath salts, which were labeled "Hookah Cleaner" and "Crystal Bubbly."

Plancanica allegedly violated a "stay away" order of protection. He was charged with criminal contempt, trespass, mischief, criminal possession of a controlled substance, and endangering the welfare of a child.

This is only the latest incident involving bath salts in Central New York. Earlier this week, an Oneida County man who was covered in his own blood attacked his neighbor. Last week, a Munnsville woman went on a naked and violent rampage attacking her child while high on bath salts.

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