Auburn 3-year-old wins over crowd with rendition of the National Anthem

Photo and video courtesy Shane Truman and the Auburn Doubledays

Three-year-old Drake Grillo won over the crowd at the Auburn Doubledays game Wednesday night with his rendition of the national anthem.

He said he wasn't nervous, but his mom, Chelsea Grillo couldn't say the same.

"I was proud of him. I was really nervous. I didn't know how to be calm for him and help him with the words to keep him going, but he really just did it all himself," Grillo said.

Drake was planning on singing at an upcoming fundraiser game benefiting those with hip dysplasia, like one-year-old sister Saylor.

Everyone was surprised drake was getting the nod a few weeks early, but he was ready.

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"He's been singing the national anthem probably since the winter. He's a big fan of all sports so he kind of just pays attention to everything when he's watching a game, whether he's at one or watching on TV," his mother said.

He's just as comfortable on the field with a baseball glove as he is with a mic in his hand.

"My favorite is the players running the bases," Drake said.

And he's quite the ballplayer himself.

"I'm super, super, really fast."

Drake will be singing again on July 29th at the Sips and Flips for Hips benefit game.

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