3rd hottest July ever " How did it feel to you?

If you thought the scorching temperatures from last month were unusual, you were right! The official weather data is into the weather center regarding July TMs temperatures and rainfall for Syracuse. Let TMs break down the numbers from Syracuse Hancock International Airport for the month of July.

If you averaged all of the high and low temperatures and compared them to normal, then July 2011 was 3rd hottest July on record since 1902! The significantly well above normal mean temperature was 75.8. That was 4.9 warmer than normal. Here is that list from the National Weather Service:July TMs Average Temperature (Normal: 70.9 F): Warmest Since 1902:



















The average high temperature was 86.9 which was 5.2 above normal. This included 8 days where the temperatures exceeded 90. Those days were July 6, 11, 16, 17, 20, 21, 22, and 23, with those last 4 constituting an official heat wave. Normally, Syracuse receives 4 days of 90 each July. Other temperature notes for July:

We hit 101 on July 21st. That number smashed the record for the day and fell just short of the all times Syracuse high for any day of any year of 102.

We hit a high at least 80 every single day of July, except July 9th, when Hancock Airport reached 79.

July was a very inconsistent month with respect to rainfall. Normally, during the summer months, precipitation can tend to be spotty and scattered. This past month was no exception. A look at the raw numbers shows that Syracuse received 3.30 of rain, which is only 0.72 below normal. However, the key observation I noticed was that the majority of this rain fell on only 3 out of the 31 days. There were 26 days where either no rain occurred or insignificant showers fell. A combination of hot temperatures and mostly dry conditions has taken its toll on farmers.How does August look? The Climate Prediction Center is forecasting a higher than normal chance for the first 1 to 2 weeks of August to be above wetter than normal and equal chances for temperatures to be above or below normal. Their forecast, as a whole for the month, describes equal chances for average temperatures and average precipitation.

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