5 officers on leave as Syracuse chief says officer-involved shooting 'appears appropriate'

The department is currently not identifying the officer who shot Tayiesha Fletcher, 33 (CNYCentral Photo).

Syracuse Police Chief Kenton Buckner said Monday, that the actions of the officers involved in a shooting over the weekend “were appropriate.”

At 6 p.m. on Sunday, five officers responded to a domestic incident on Frisbie Ct. involving multiple individuals, according to Chief Buckner. He said that during the dispute, knives were drawn by Tayiesha Fletcher, who lives in the apartment, and one of the officers fired a gun, shooting Fletcher.

She was transported to Upstate University Hospital where she is in stable condition, said Chief Buckner. She is being treated for wounds on the stomach and buttocks.

Fletcher, 33, is currently being charged with criminal mischief, and Chief Buckner said more charges are likely.

Buckner said it is believed that multiple knives were drawn at the time of the shooting. It is unknown how many rounds were shot during the incident.

According to Buckner, the five officers have been place on paid administrative leave while they continue to investigate the incident. Of those five officers, two were field training officers, two were probationary officers, and one was a supervising sergeant.

The department is currently not identifying the officer who shot Fletcher.

Investigators are performing a walk-through of the scene and processing anything that is relevant to the incident. They are also reviewing a body camera footage from the officers that captured partial video of the incident, as well as audio.

When asked about the necessity of using their weapon, Buckner said that an officer has a “split-second” to make that decision.

“It happens so quick, that you certainly understand that you have to do what you believe is necessary to stop a threat," Chief Buckner said. "That’s what our training is for. It appears in this situation that their actions were appropriate,” said Buckner.

Buckner said the investigation will later be turned over to the District Attorney's office, followed by a grand jury.

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