72 Sears locations closing, including ShoppingTown Mall location

Sears in Shoppingtown Mall is one of 72 locations nationwide slated to close in September.

More than a century after department store giant Sears was founded, employees in more than 70 stores learned they won't have a job in a few months.

Employees at the ShoppingTown Mall Sears tell us they got the news this morning and customers are disappointed.

"It's easy to get into it's closer to where I live I could probably walk here if I had to," said Katie Cleary.

They say it's hard to see a staple they grew up with in trouble.

"For appliances, and Craftsman tools, my brother was a mechanic, and he bought all of his tools from Craftsman, and vacuum cleaners, we've always bought vacuum cleaners from Sears," Kimberly Bailey said.

"Sears at one time was the Amazon of the United States, actually to the entire world. So they had their catalog business, and you would fill out what you wanted, and they would mail it to you," said Patrick Penfield, who is a professor at the Whitman School of Management and Syracuse University.

He says Sears had it all going for them until the retail game changed.

"Right around the time of the internet, Sears wasn't forward-thinking," said Penfield, "they didn't see that how much commerce was going to be done on the internet. So unfortunately now they're in kind of this death spiral."

Penfield says shutting down the less profitable stores is really the only choice, and predicts this could mean a big change for the mall.

"Probably see, I would say the reconstruction, deconstruction of Shoppingtown Mall," said Penfield.

Meantime, shoppers say Sears miss their chance to keep on growing.

"It's funny because they had the catalog business going before online shopping, that it's too bad it wasn't an easier transition for them," said Bailey.

A spokesperson for Sears Holds tells CNY Central that repairs and other services will not be affected.

Click here to see the affected stores nationwide.

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