$75 million in economic activity expected with bowling tournament

The construction of the 48-lane bowling facility continues at the Onondaga County Oncenter. (Justin Page/CNYCentral)

While much of the action will happen inside the Oncenter at a 48-lane temporary bowling ally, hotels and restaurants are looking forward to the bowling congress open championships coming in the spring.

"We very very excited about having them here. We just can't wait," said Jerry Keohane, the director of Association Sales for the Marriott Syracuse Downtown.

The Marriott Syracuse Downtown, formerly the Hotel Syracuse, said the hotel has been preparing for bowling teams to arrive for nearly two years.

"They have rooms all across the community, but being headquarters hotel right across from the Oncenter, that makes us more inviting," Keohane said.

The hotel is hardly the only one benefiting, according to Visit Syracuse.

"We know a lot of places are planning to have themed drinks and themed decorations to get the community ready," Tracey Burkey, with Visit Syracuse, said.

Visit Syracuse estimates our area will see and estimated $75 million economic impact from the multi-month event. The tournament will run for 100 consecutive days —March 24– July 8.

"Different mindset knowing everyday we have new people in the area," Burkey said. "That's a huge change from being the host of a two-day event."

The 2018 event will mark the tournament’s first visit to Syracuse since 1999.

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