Reported abduction in Pompey was 'fabricated,' woman charged

Yenitza Agosto (Onondaga County Sheriff's Office)

According to Onondaga County Sheriff Eugene Conway, the reported abduction in Pompey Friday night was "fabricated," and a woman is charged in connection to the incident.

Deputies said Yenitza Agosto, 29, was charged with reporting an incident in the third degree and false impersonation after telling an Uber driver she was being held against her will inside a residence on Indian Hill Road.

Officials said they responded just before 10:00 p.m. to Indian Hill Road and met an Uber driver who had been called to the residence to pick up a man. The driver said he was met with a male resident and Agosto.

The driver told deputies that Agosto said there were two women inside the residence handcuffed and held against their will.

Deputies say they began to interview Agosto to get more information, but she changed her story several times. She said the resident was refusing to let her and the other two women go and was threatening physical harm.

Officials were able to make contact with the people inside. The women told deputies they were there on their own free will and were not being held captive.

Agosto provided deputies with the name Of Melica Ortiz during the investigation, but they were unable to confirm her identity under Ortiz. When members of the Sheriff's Custody Division processed her fingerprints through the statewide automated fingerprint identification system, they discovered her real name was Yenitza Agosto.

Officials said she was sent to the Onondaga County Justice center until her arraignment.

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