A final salute to Trooper Davis

A final salute to Trooper Davis

WATERTOWN, NY -- A husband, father , friend and mentor. Whatever Trooper Davis' role, he left his mark on the community.

Neighbors gathered along the streets of Watertown, to salute the trooper for the last time as his body was taken to its final resting place.

A sea of state police motorcycles lead the procession from Fort Drum through Public Square in Watertown, to the cemetery where Trooper Davis was laid to rest.

"I'm going to miss the fact that every time you'd see him he would always have a smile on his face," said Kristi Chubb, who stood before the procession to honor Trooper Davis.

"Just to say our goodbyes, rest in peace and hopefully this doesn't happen to anyone else," said Lorena Rose of Watertown.

Many neighbors who did not know Trooper Davis and his family filled the streets with one hand over their hearts to pay their final respects to a man who touched had a tremendous impact in the community.

"To support them and tell them that the community can stay strong and support them through this," added the Johnsons from Watertown.

Kristi Chubb and her kids showed their support. She said she was blessed to have known Trooper Davis.

"He would come in ritually every morning with his buddies to get coffee and donuts and just hung out with me for a while," remembered Chubb.

Chubb hopes her children will understand just how much law enforcers risk to serve and protect our community.

"I just want them to know that it is a big deal and that cops should be respect," added Chubb.

A final goodbye to a man who who put his life on the line everyday.

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