A historic hotel Thanksgiving in Central New York

A historic hotel Thanksgiving in Central New York

CENTRAL NEW YORK -- Thanksgiving sure does have its place in American history and every family seems to celebrate the holiday in their own way.

In Central New York there's the option to enjoy the historic meal in a historic setting.

Finding a big enough dining room is always key for Sam Mason. This year, everybody means 35 people from all over the country.

"We've kind of outgrew the houses," Sam Mason says.

The Sherwood Inn in Skaneateles is their home away-from-home each year on this day.

"They treat you like family here," Sam Mason says talking about the Sherwood Inn.

Mason also says if there wasn't matching silverware, you might not even know you're in a restaurant.

It's what his family enjoys. "They make it special and its relaxing, your not pushed around your not crowded in. Its a great little spot," Mason explained.

Overlooking Skaneateles Lake, the Sherwood Inn has been a staple here since 1807 and some even refer to it is a little home.

Sherwood Inn keeper Nancy Ranieri says the decor, architecture and guarantee of a hot meal continues to bring people back.

In Syracuse, travelers can once again dine under the chandeliers of the Marriot Syracuse downtown, formerly known as the Hotel Syracuse, as a return to what the hotel use to do.

Chef Tom Kiernan arrived Thanksgiving morning at 5:30 a.m. and he says more than 4,000 people will dine there on Thanksgiving, just as a Thanksgiving travelers did for decades before.

"This hotel was made to be used this way. It sat empty and dormant for too long and now that were back this is what we should be doing," Tom Kiernan said.

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