A look back at the Cargill Cayuga Salt Mine in Lansing

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LANSING, NY- Seventeen miners were trapped underground Wednesday night into Thursday morning after the elevator they were riding malfunctioned at the Cargill Cayuga Salt Mine in Lansing.

Here's a look at the safety history of the Tompkins County mine according to the Mine Safety and Health Administration.

In 2010 Rolland Clark, 63, was loading his truck on a 150-ton-capability salt bin when the bin's supporting structure collapsed. The bin then fell onto the cab of the truck. Clark was killed and a bin operator was hurt in the accident. Officials say it happened because management "failed to ensure that adequate inspections to properly evaluate the structure were conducted. " The report went onto say "preventative measures were not addressed that would maintain the integrity of the steel supporting structure for the bin."

Workers at the salt time were forced to evacuate when a fire broke out in February of 2006. No one was injured in that incident. At the time officials at the mine said underground safety equipment suppressed the fire.


UPDATE: All 17 salt miners stuck in an underground elevator have been rescued

PHOTO GALLERY: Crews work to rescue 17 miners from Cayuga Salt Mine

A look inside the Cargill Salt Mine in Lansing

A look back at the Cargill Cayuga Salt Mine in Lansing

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