Liverpool Twin Trees owners save 100-year-old lobster, mate from the dinner table

Wegman's workers in Dewitt hold up a massive lobster said to be at least 100 years old. (Photo: Jennifer Rescignano)

It's a lobster love story 100 years in the making, and it all started with a Facebook post.

The owners of Twin Trees Pizza in Liverpool discovered a 100-year-old Lobster was being held for immediate sale at the Wegman's in DeWitt.

Ron and Jennifer Rescignano were reading posts from possible buyers, but said they weren't seeing options where the lobster would have a healthy living space. The animal lovers knew they had to act fast and Jennifer said the pair did just that.

"My husband loves aquariums, loves fish, loves bulldogs," said Jennifer. "He shows a lot of compassion for people, his staff and now animals."

The couple purchased the 100-year-old lobster for $140 and his mate for $110.

Some would describe it as an impossible turnaround to get a new home ready for the lobsters, but the couple pulled it off with a little help from friends. The team clawed their way through the night to get everything set up.

"My husband and our team were here until 4 a.m. running electricity from the ceiling all the way to the tank," she said.

Aquarium experts from Solvay-based ABC Reefs helped get the cooler ready. They will transport the two lobsters once the temperature in the tank is safe for the crustaceans.

"Hopefully they'll be home tomorrow in their new forever home."

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