A special delivery at Strong Memorial Hospital

(Photo: Jessica and Dan Driffill)

Rochester, N.Y. – In 10 years at Strong Memorial Hospital, it’s only happened twice – and the second time was a week ago.

It was the end of a rollercoaster ride for a Rochester couple hanging on through the highs and lows.

It’s not the most romantic place, but it was at Strong Memorial Hospital that Jessica and Dan Driffill celebrated their third wedding anniversary three weeks ago.

Jessica, 26 weeks pregnant, was hospitalized when her water broke. When she went into labor, Jessica also went into congestive heart failure.

“Very scary,” said Dan. “It’s not something you could ever kind of prepare for. You go about every day, living your life, and you don’t know what tomorrow’s going to bring. So you really kind of have to just have faith that things are going to work out and put your trust in the experts.

With a half-hour’s notice on a Sunday, the experts at Strong had been put together to help Jessica and her baby.

“It was four distinct teams with somewhere between four and six people per team,” said URMC OB/GYN Chair Dr. Eva Pressman. “So it was thirty-plus people.”

Jessica was taken to the cardiac cath lab to bring a life into this world – and have the surgery needed to save her own.

“I was able to tell Jessica that, as unusual as this circumstance is, I happened to do this about 10 years ago,” said cardiologist Dr. Christopher Cove. “So that kind of, I think, made the whole team better.”

The whole team was there to welcome Jackson River into the world – delivered at just 29 weeks.

“Tears, cried, just overwhelming just to have him in my arms, and it was amazing,” said Jessica. “Best moment of my life.”

A life was saved in the same room where Jackson River began his, and mom and dad have one more thing to celebrate at Strong Memorial Hospital.

Both mom and Jackson are doing well, and they hope to bring Jackson home from the NICU in about a month.

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