Blues legend makes a surprise visit to a local guitar shop

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SYRACUSE, NY -- The Lakeview Amphitheater filled with blues Wednesday night. Guitarist Joe Bonamassa took the stage, but not before stopping by a music shop in downtown Syracuse for what else: a couple guitars.

It was a regular Wednesday afternoon at Ish Guitars in Armory Square, Syracuse.

Until a surprise customer, made a pit stop before heading to his show at the Lakeview Ampitheater.

"He walked in and just looked like a regular guy," said Dan Wilson, father of the owner of Ish Guitars.

"We had another customer in the store at the time and the other customer was actually from Spain and saw Joe in England and all over the country and when he saw Joe he let out a scream,"added Dan Wilson.

Dan Wilson's son, Jesse, owns the guitar shop. Armory square has been its home for three years now.

Jesse was on his way to the Guns N' Roses concert in Buffalo when we stopped by but said it's an honor to have someone with such musical talent walk in to browse around

"He was just a super, super cool guy and he is an ultra guitar geek, so it's nice to have someone around who is that knowledgable and who really just loves music," explained Jesse Wilson, owner of Ish Guitars.

Jesse said things like this don't happen all too often in syracuse. Bonamassa was a guitar prodigy growing up in the Utica area, but has never visited the Syracuse store

Wilson's passion for guitars started when he was 16-years old so to share a moment like this, with one of the great blues guitarists in the world is one to keep for the books.

"He is a great player and it's kind of funny when he is sitting there pulling out a couple of guitars front of you," added Jesse.

Joe Bonamassa went home with two guitars,the '68 Tele Bass and the Rickenbacker Banjatar. He also left a little something else for Jesse.

"He gave me his cell phone number because we were talking about some things and different guitars, so I got his number now and hopefully we can do some business down the road."

A surreal moment that hopefully can happen again.

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