A woman's passion to teach kids how to cook

Kids learn how to cook with Shankevia Dean, owner of 'Kevi Treats.'

A little sweet, a little tangy and made with a whole bunch of love.

"They are very tasty and I named them my good old lemon heaven drop cookies," Shankevia Dead, said.

It's a special recipe that inspired, Shankevia Dean to start her very own 'Kevi's Treat's' and sell even more delicious goodies.

This is her second job. The first, a social worker for 5 years.

This idea helped her bridge together the two things she loves most.

"I have a passion for cooking and baking and I also have a passion for working with the youth," Dean explained.

She rents out the kitchen at the Grace Episcopal Church in Syracuse.

That's where she teaches cooking classes one Saturday each month.

It's a class designed for kids 5 to 17 years old.

It's a space that allows kids to be creative, have fun and make friends.

"It's a therapeutic class, hands on and it is educational where the kids do a half hour educational and the other hour and a half...hands on learning how to cook and bake," Dean added.

Michael Fragola is a student of the class. He couldn't pick just one thing he likes about the class. He said he loves it all.

"Everything, the way we cook the way we eat the treats that we have, it's just all of it is fun," Fragola said.

Skills each kid can use outside of the cooking class.

" I think it's fun and is good for socializing with other people and it is a way to learn how to cook at home," Demmeco Cawthon said.

"It melts my heart because I get a lot of parents that call me on the phone and say hey my kid made dinner tonight, look what you taught them it's amazing," Dean said.

A program to learn, to inspire, and to make a difference.

Saturday, Feb. 16 Dean is teaching two special classes for Valentine's Day.

You can find out more about 'Kevi's Treats' and her class schedule here.

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