Abuse case suspect indicted on 13 new charges, including tampering with evidence

Shawn Whaley, 23 of Pulaski

23-year-old Shawn Whaley, of Pulaski, was indicted on 13 new charges in connection to one of the worst cases of child abuse Oswego County has ever seen.

Indictment paperwork said Whaley assaulted, coerced and physically harmed a 10-year-old victim and put excessive amounts of hot sauce on all her food.

Court documents also said Whaley tampered with evidence specifically by changing or removing the padlocks that were in the Town of Albion home in the bathroom and kitchen.

Court documents allege Whaley and another suspect, Gary Bubis Jr., were worried the locks could be used as evidence against them.

According to statements from the victim, she was deprived of food and access to the bathroom.

Whaley is also accused of repeated physical abuse using what documents describe as a "beating stick," and striking the victim with a screwdriver.

CNY Central reached out to the Oswego County district attorney and he declined to comment on the case.

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