"Accidental" photo captures beauty of Syracuse, goes viral

"Accidental" photo captures beauty of Syracuse, goes viral/ Photo Courtesy of Jody Grenier

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Jody Grenier knew minutes after he snapped a photo of the iconic Clinton Square Christmas tree that he had captured something special.

What draws people to this now viral photo is all of its imperfection.

It was a raining in the early hours of the last day of November when he took the photo.

"It was kinda still drizzly a little bit, this whole thing was glass, just golden glass," he explained.

The "golden glass" appearance was all thanks to the rain.

"I know of knew [rain] was on my lens, but when I got to take the shot, I forgot to wipe it off," he explained.

It was probably the best thing he ever forgot.

"If I would have wiped it off, I don't think we'd be here talking right now," he said.

The photo went viral. It's garnered thousands of likes and shares on social media. People from as far as France are offering to buy prints from a man who just started taking photos.

Yes, the accidental photo was taken by an accidental photographer.

During the day, Jody is a mechanic for Centro. Unable to work and sit still, he reached for a camera.

"I said 'Well, I'm gonna grab this and go to Green Lakes.' And I started taking pictures of leaves and birds and one thing led to another," he said.

And another, and another and another -- His works are a familiar site to customers of Sasha's on Water Street.

"I think people are just gravitating to nice thing. Ah, there is some good and there is some beauty in this world," he said.

A world that has fallen in love with Christmas in Syracuse.

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