Ad campaign calls for Cuomo to rethink FitzPatrick strategy

Ad campaign calls for Cuomo to rethink FitzPatrick strategy/ County of Oswego Industrial Development Agency

OSWEGO COUNTY, N.Y. -- An ad campaign is calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to adjust his strategy for keeping the FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant open.

Talks between state officials and Entergy, which owns the plant, failed to come up with a plan to save the nuclear plant before they ended Wednesday.

One day later, the County of Oswego Industrial Development Agency has launched an ad campaign applying pressure to Governor Cuomo to find a way to keep the plant, and the jobs that come with it.

"Governor Cuomo must find a way to keep FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant open," said Operation Oswego County Executive Director L. Michael Treadwell in a release. "In addition to the 615 people working at the plant, more than 1,000 building tradesmen and skilled workers jobs hang in the balance. There are hundreds of other jobs - at hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and grocery stores - that are now at risk, too."

The ad features community leaders, business owners and residents, highlighting the negative impact the plant's closure would have not only to the people it directly employs, but also to the surrounding area.

"He can make a deal with Entergy," said Gary Toth of Carpenters Local 277. "He can revise the way carbon credits are administered; he can address the transmission constraints that keep power generated at FitzPatrick from reaching Downstate markets; or he can help find a buyer for this top-notch facility."

"Oswego County already has the highest unemployment rate in New York State. The consequences of a FitzPatrick closure are unfathomable," said Treadwell. "We are fighting for our community and need Governor Cuomo to do the same."

Wednesday Entergy filed papers with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to permanently cease operations at the plant at the end of the current fuel cycle. The exact date has not yet been determined and will depend on operational and regulatory considerations, according to Entergy.

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