Aerial video shows how crazy long the line for the opening of CNY's first Chick-fil-A was

Photo courtesy Dwain

The opening of Central New York's first Chick-fil-A was anticipated to be a big draw and the crowd that showed up for it lived up to expectations.

Aerial video shared by CNYCentral viewer Dwain shows dozens of cars lined up for the drive-thru of the Chick-fil-A in Cicero, which sits in the lot of Home Depot just off U.S. Route 11.

Cars lined up in two rows through the Home Depot parking lot and back onto Route 11 for the opening Thursday morning.

Police said they anticipated the influx of traffic from Chick-fil-A enthusiasts and worked on a plan for two months to counter it. Police will be directing traffic in the area throughout the weekend to ensure traffic flows as smoothly as possible.

Police advise anyone that is not coming to the restaurant and is heading northbound on Route 11 should stay in the left lane. Southbound drivers should stay in the right lane.

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