After 13 days of fun, cleanup begins at the NYS Fairgrounds

After record breaking attendance at the NYS Fair this year, the cleanup is going on at the fairgrounds now.

After record breaking attendance at the NYS Fair this year, the cleanup is going on at the fairgrounds now. Rides are being torn down and unused items are being boxed up and taken away. Acting State Fair Director Troy Waffner says cleanup started right when the fair ended Monday night so they can get ready for upcoming shows at the fairgrounds this weekend.

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“We actually need to get the grounds ready so it will take us 5 to 6 days to really clean everything,” Waffner said.

There is a lot to cleanup considering more than one million people walked through the fair.

Jason Merritt is with Merritt Estate Winery and had four locations at the fair He says tear down is easier than setup. While attendance at the fair benefited from the weather this year, he is hoping it is warmer next year.

“Since we sell frozen drinks it wasn’t the best fair because the weather. By the time we were closing up, it was only 51 or 52 (degrees) and that doesn’t sell a lot of frozen drinks,” Merritt said.

Fair officials are also looking ahead. Already, there are two days planned when everyone gets into next year’s fair for one dollar. The extra day that started this year will be back. It was a preview day this year but will be a full day next year with rides and animals. A 133-thousand square foot expo center will also be built. Parking is another issue fair organizers are looking at.

As for music, two of the free acts that will perform at Chevy Court have already been booked. Fair organizers won’t name who they are yet.

“You may find out soon,” Waffner said. “We may actually start announcing the acts a little earlier than we have in the past.”

Fair organizers want to hear who fairgoers are interested in having perform. They are also encouraging people to leave feedback and suggestions about the fair on the State Fair Facebook page.

The big I Love NY sign that was new at the fair this year will also be back. It was popular during the fair for people to take photos in front of and will be on the fairgrounds permanently.

“I think the vibe of the fair is back,” Waffner said.

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