Alzheimer's Association shares thoughts on Bill Gates' donation

"I think any time especially someone who is well known in the nation, in our community, it's really exciting to see someone take a stand for that and to put some resources and dedication and certainly make that public statement that they are in this fight against Alzheimer's disease," Katrina Skeval said.

Skeval works at the Central New York chapter of the Alzheimer's association. She works with people affected by the disease on a daily basis, and helps provide support to them and their families.

"It's very frustrating for someone who was used to doing things a certain way and now to not be able to do that. And certainly very difficult for the family to watch someone who has the disease to struggle to do the tasks they were able to do before," she said.

Because there is no cure, families and patients are left feeling helpless as they deteriorate. Katrina says a lack of funding has been the main barrier in finding a cure. She remains hopeful that the this contribution might change that, and inspire others to do the same.

" It's certainly not something that one individual can do alone, so it's really important that we work as a community and as a nation, rallying around trying to find a cure for Alzheimer's disease," she shared.

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