A new Amtrak plan could mean less leg room

Amtrak looking to add more seats, could mean less leg room

SYRACUSE, NY -- Senator Schumer is calling on Amtrak to throw out its new plans to add more seats to its trains.

The Senator said he understands the need to make more money, but this isn't it.

The new plans would only affect economy seating, which would cut down on the consumer's leg and storage room.

We hit the street to see what Amtrak riders think about this potential plan.

It's been an exhausting day for Thereza Young. She was back at the train station Sunday afternoon with yet another delay.

"Over two hours going and coming, anyway you put it, it's been very very bad," said Thereza Young, who was on your way home from a visiting her friend in Central New York.

News that Amtrak could have less leg room didn't help her frustration.

"It would be not a nice trip because as it is right now, it is about a 7 hour trip from New York to Syracuse and it's going to be horrible not having the leg room and comfort we have," added Young.

It's unclear when or if Amtrak will go through with this, but the company is looking to create economy seating that would add more rows of seats abroad its trains.

"I think additional seating will make it uncomfortable," said Lidice Cardounell, Amtrak rider visiting her daughter.

Billy Harforsh of Syracuse travels on Amtrak often and said it beats being squished on a plane. He liked the train rides the way the are.

"I'm against that, I think for sure. I think less seats more leg room is better," said Billy Harfosh.

Harfosh thinks Amtrak should stay that way.

"It's about a five and a half to six hour trip to New York City. It's a long time, especially for us because we just got off a place from Spain, so it would be nice to be on a ride where you can relax a little bit better.

A waiting game to see what the next move is for the company.

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