An inside look at clearing the roads in a Syracuse DPW plow truck

Syracuse DPW crews are glad to see snow and get to work.

The snow is back and Syracuse DPW crews are busy clearing the roads. A superintendent for DPW told us they have 22 plow truck drivers out on the roads tonight.

We rode along with one of the drivers, Anderson Harris, who got called in early. His shift started at 7 P.M. and ends tomorrow morning at seven.

Drivers first start their ride by inspecting their vehicle to make sure they are working properly. They are assigned specific routes and have a booklet in the truck with all of the roads they will need to clear.

"We drop our blades start on one street go around come back around and then start salting," Harris said.

Harris said many times drivers have to drive up and down a street several times to plow it before they can go back through and salt it.

"We have to start from the center and go to the curb, we might have to make a couple passes depending on how wide the street." Harris said.

DPW drivers do run into some challenges while plowing the roads.

"Mostly the guys that are parked on the odd even sides, they're not parked right that's our biggest challenge cause we won't be able to fit down the street," Harris said.

Harris is going on ten years working for DPW but still sometimes gets nervous during snow storms. He said drivers need to be cautious going down hills, especially if it's icy.

DPW crews also have a clear message to other drivers.

"Just be patient, if you're behind a plow truck just be patient we're doing our best to clear the road don't try to go around us because sometimes there might be a parked car on the side of us," Harris said.

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