Armory Square weathers winter storm

Armory Square weathers winter storm

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- It's one of the heaviest snow storms of this season, and Armory Square is seeing the effects of it.

"It does seem that the city is doing a nice job today of getting the roads clear," said owner of Mr. Shop Joel Shapiro.

However, that's still not enough to keep his business open until 8 pm as usual.

"It's really going to be bad after 6, and we won't have any customers tonight," he said.

Shapiro thinks closing early is also the best way to keep his employees safe.

"Our employees are the most important thing and without them we're nothing, so if we don't close early and something happens later, it's not worth it," he said.

Shapiro adds they're always prepared when the weather makes the roads dangerous.

"The plan will be that one of my employees will take another employee home because he has a four wheel drive vehicle, and if they had a problem, I would be more than happy to take them home," Shapiro explained.

Many businesses we talked to said they would also close early due to the weather, but others say they will stick it out.

"We pretty much never close unless it's like pray day, you know? We're hustlers and we like to do our passion and stay busy even if it's a snow storm," said Jayme Sager, owner of Pure Salon.

Sager says she had only one appointment cancellation today.

" We manage to make it work. Even if we're a few minutes late, the clients will still be here to get what they need to get done," Sager said.

One theme they can all agree on is they're used to this weather, so they'll be back at work tomorrow.

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