At 104-years-old, bowling still takes top priority for Tommy Pisano

Tommy Pisano at AMF Empire Lanes in Webster on Monday (WHAM photo)

(WHAM) -- You can set your watch; every Monday at noon, the Senior Men’s League plays at AMF Empire Lanes in Webster.

Monday was no exception. Well, there was…sort of. The guys paused briefly to mark a pretty big occasion.

Tommy Pisano is 104 years old. But the celebrating could wait; bowling couldn’t.

Tommy has been bowling since he was 12 – that makes 92 years of playing the game he loves.

Well, the other game he loves.

“I can’t play baseball anymore,” he said. “My bowling is lousy compared to what it used to be. I used to be 190s, but not anymore. Now, gimme a chance to throw a ball!”

Tommy comes to the AMF Lanes in Webster five to six times a week – twice for his league. Nobody can remember a time he wasn’t there.

His bowling friends even had cake – two of them – to celebrate Tommy’s big day.

He paused for a picture with them – briefly – and then, when asked what he thought about all that his friends did for him…

“They surprised me,” he said, before getting back to the game.

Cake and TV cameras can wait. When it’s time to bowl, Tommy is tough to pin down. And maybe that’s the secret: What matters most is staying in the game!

Tommy shared that bowling is the only exercise he gets these days. And, for that, we’d say here’s to bowling and Tommy!

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