Attorney says shocking Albion abuse case amounts to “discipline”

Attorney says shocking Albion abuse case amounts to “discipline”

Two of the men accused in a shocking case of child abuse in Albion appeared before a local judge Wednesday evening.

It was a first court appearance for Gary Bubis Jr., 37, and Shawn Whaley, 23. Both men are accused of inflicting torture on a 10 year-old girl over a period of several months. The child told investigators one of the men kicked her in her private parts, that she was made to live on one meal a day which was doused in hot sauce, and that she was tied to a car and dragged when she couldn’t keep up.

The attorney for Shawn Whaley, who the child accused of kicking her, says many of the allegations are simply false. Attorney Sal Lanza says his client was interrogated for many hours by police and because of the extended interrogation, he said things that were not true. Lanza blames some of that on what he described as Whaley’s 10th grade education and third grade reading level.

“They disciplined a child. Disciplining a child out here in this part of the county is a little different than disciplining a child in Fayetteville or Skaneateles. In those places you may discipline a child by removing their iPad or taking away their computer privileges. They chose to discipline the child - she had made some statements, she was acting out - and they took her for a walk to settle her down,” Lanza explained after Whaley waived his right to a hearing – sending the case to Oswego County Court.

Lanza insists there was no abuse.

However, Oswego County District Attorney Greg Oakes says his prosecutors have spoken to other children who lived in the house where the 10 year-old girl says she was denied meals and abused. “The facts and allegations speak for themselves, “Oakes said Wednesday evening. The District Attorney wanted to be clear that the case against all of four of the suspects involved is not proven yet – and the charges remain allegations at this point. Oakes did hint at more legal action ahead, “There may be additional charges that are appropriate and forthcoming,” he said.

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